A Trio Treat at 123 Bingo Online

Try out the 123 Bingo Online Trio Treat to unleash the three unique and outstanding deals of this month!

Breeze into Ruby (90-ball) online bingo room everyday from 9 AM to 11 AM to earn extensive prizes on each designated line of the day, all this month!!

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Single line pays you the highest! On Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: Double line doubles your rewards! On Sundays:Single line, double line and full house games get you equal rewards.

So this February, hit the first line, double line or a full house… the offers are big everywhere!

[download_link link=”http://bingoonlines.com/go123bingoonline” target=”blank”]Play Now at 123 Bingo Online[/download_link]or Read our Review of [fancy_link link=”http://bingoonlines.com/bingo-reviews/123-bingo-online/”]123 Bingo Online[/fancy_link]

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