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Pay Your Fees and Cash Return at Canadian Dollar Bingo

Online Bingo feesDeposit and play online bingo games at Canadian Dollar Bingo and they will pay your bingo fees and also give you money back. Depending of the deposit method you use, every time you deposit you get charged some fees. Well, starting December 1st 2010 Canadian Dollar Bingo will be covering those annoying fees.

Canadian Dollar Bingo wants to pay your bingo fees this month

You just need to make your deposit, open a support ticket and let Canadian Dollar Bingo know the fee amount you were charged. Canadian Dollar Bingo will proceed to credit accordingly. The first day of each month, players will get their bonus account credited with the equivalent to 10% of the total deposits they made during the previous month.

What are you waiting for? Deposit and play online bingo at Canadian Dollar Bingo for cash return. The more deposits you made, bigger the money you will get the following month. They are doing their best to make online bingo as economical as possible for all of their players. What other site is going to pay your bingo fees for you?

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Which Way Wednesdays at South Beach Bingo

Wednesdays Bingo GamesHave you heard about the which way Wednesdays Bingo promotion going on now? South Beach Bingo will help you get over the mid week hump with exciting bonuses. Which way will you go between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m.?

Which Way Wednesdays Bingo Promos at South Beach

On all Crazy Arrow, Up Arrow, Up and Down Arrow and Right Arrow game patterns the pots will go higher and lower with each call to help you decide!($75 to $100 guaranteed Jackpot). We will also play nothing but $20 Initial Jackpot online bingo games with the exception of these Specials, regular Coverall’s, Regular Progressive Patterns and Tournament Games.

[Play Now at South Beach Bingo or Read our Review of South Beach Bingo

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Music Mantra at 123 Bingo Online

music mantra bingoIt’s time to set the music notes right as it’s time to play the music with music mantra bingo. So, get your music bands ready at 123 Bingo Online.

Create a group of 5 players and name your group after a popular music band at 123 Bingo Online. Every band needs to bingo on the Music Note pattern in order to win grand guaranteed pots of $100 and extra bonuses.

Play Music Mantra Bingo this Week at 123 Bingo Online

The player to bingo on the music patter wins a guaranteed prize along with a chance to list few words from a popular song sung by the band they have named their group after.

Sing the song correctly to win 2 BBs and 5 points. The band to collect 25 Points by the end of each day shares a reward of 50 BBs!

So, it’s time to Rock and Roll because as you rock with your band, you roll ravishing bonuses when you play online bingo.

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$2000 Crazy Thursday at Bingo Australia

Crazy Bingo ThursdayWhat is Crazy Bingo Thursday? There are 2 crazy hours full of fun and your chance to win $2,000 in guaranteed jackpots every Thursday at Bingo Australia in May.

Play Crazy Bingo Thursday this May at Bingo Australia

During May 2011, join Bingo Australia in the Blue bingo room. Crazy Thursday will run every Thursday during May at Bingo Australia from 9:00pm to 11:00pm and they will give away $2000 in guaranteed jackpots. For 2 crazy hours full of fun and your chance to win $2,000 in guaranteed jackpots when you play bingo online.

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Beautiful Palm Trees at Bingo Hall

beautiful bingo GamesEnjoy the wonderful view of the tropical paradise while sitting under a beautiful bingo palm tree at Bingo Hall. Join the High Roller bingo room at Bingo Hall between May 13th and May 18th and look for the Palm Tree pattern. The players who win at least 5 of these patterns in the above mentioned time frame will have their accounts credited with a $350 bonus prize and will also get a 350% bonus on their next deposit of $75 or more.

Check out the Beautiful Bingo Palm Trees at Bingo Hall

Purchase the maximum amount of cards and Bingo Hall will give you 6 cards for free. The $350 bingo online bonus will be credited on Monday, May 23rd. The 350% bonus can be claimed on deposits made between May 24th and May 26th.

Play Now at Bingo Hallor Read our Review of Bingo Hall.

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Win an Ipad with Amigo Bingo

bingo iPadDuring May 2011, Amigo Bingo will give you a chance to win a bingo iPad. Make deposits and play online games bingo at Amigo Bingo between May 9th and May 15th. You will receive 1 entry for every dollar you deposit during this week. i.e: a $20 deposit will get you 20 entries.

Amigo Bingo wants You to win a Bingo iPad this Week

The more online bingo entries you have, the more chances you have to win. At the end of the week 5 players will be randomly selected from the list of determine the prize that they are to receive.

What are you waiting for? Make as many deposits as you can to make get more chances to be one of the lucky 5 players to win a brand new iPad. This is the prize that everyone has been waiting for. These new iPads are awesome, but they are also quite expensive. So instead of going out and paying a lot of money for you, you now have the opportunity to win a brand new bingo iPad from Amigo Bingo.

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Canadian Dollar Bingo Huge Extra Bonus

Online Bingo GamesApril ends with a huge extra bingo bonus! From Friday to Sunday all deposits at Canadian Dollar Bingo under $75 get an extra match play Bonus (100% EXTRA bonus). Who doesn’t need a little boost to their bingo account balance? This exclusive bingo offer is only for a limited time and only at Canadian Dollar Bingo.

Grab Your Extra Bingo Bonus all this Week at Canadian Dollar Bingo

And for those deposits of $75 or more the extra bonus you receive will be increased every day during the weekend!! If you were planning on making a new deposit any time soon then we strongly advise that you take advantage of this extra bingo bonus offer to top up your bingo account. You definitely won’t be disappointed when you see your new account balance.

Remember the extra bonus is on top of the minimum 500% online bingo bonus you already get on EVERY deposit!!! How much will you have in your bingo account with the huge bonus? For example if you deposit $50, you will get 500% to start with. That equals $250. Add another 100% for another $50. It adds up fast.

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Easter Celebration at South Beach Bingo

Online Easter Bingo GamesEaster Bingo is almost here, friends! What better way to celebrate it than by joining South Beach Bingo and sharing some special moments with all of your bingo buddies?

Join the Easter Bingo Celebration at South Beach Bingo

Here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the Easter Egg Hunt! Between April 22nd and April 27th, join the High Rollers, Taco, Fair and Square and Nickels online bingo rooms. This Easter, choose your favorite color:

Blue – all the calls on the B line (B1-B15)
Red – all the calls on the I line (I16-I30)
White – all the calls on the N line (N31-N45)
Green – all the calls on the G line (G46-G60)
Yellow – all the calls on the O line (O61-O75).

Choose one of the rooms mentioned below, collect 7 calls on one of the colors, and we’ll reward you with great prizes:

High Rollers – $500 in bonus
Taco – $300 in bonus
Fair and Square – $200 in bonus
Nickels – $100 in bonus

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123 Bingo Online Jelly Beans Factory

Online bingo factoryThe 123 Bingo Online Green Room is all juiced up with juicy jelly beans coated with sweet and colorful bonuses in the bingo factory! That’s right! This April, all the bingo balls symbolize the colorful and juicy jelly beans.

Visit the Jelly Beans Bingo Factory at 123 Bingo Online

So, pick up your favorite jelly bean flavor from the 5 different flavors (5 bingo ball colors) including, Blueberry Blue, Strawberry Red, Vanilla White, Kiwi Green and Mango Yellow and give it to the chat host before the online bingo game begins. Keep collecting your favorite flavored jelly beans as the bingo balls are draw one by one.

And by the end of the game the players who have collected maximum jelly beans wins 5 BBs each in the Jelly Beans Factory Contest.

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April is Awesome at Bingo Australia

Awesome Bingo GamesBingo Australia is offering $20,000 in guaranteed contest prizes this April. How awesome bingo is that? From April 1st until April 30th look out for the ‘April is Awesome’ 10 cent patterns. These special patterns will play between 8pm and midnight throughout in the month in the 10 cent progressive pink room.

Play some Awesome Bingo this April at Bingo Australia

There will be $18,000 in special $150 10 cent patterns. There will be $3,000 in contest cash and $1,000 in bingo bucks. That adds up to an awesome $20,000 guaranteed to be shared among all players playing bingo online at Bingo Australia.

Play Now at Bingo Australia or Read our Review of Bingo Australia.

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