Canadian Dollar Bingo Snowflake Contest

Canadian Dollar Bingo

Catch snowflakes with your tongue that fall from the Canadian Dollar Bingo Main Room starting today from 6pm to 11pm with great jackpots, and avoid being snowed in. Plus! On February 2nd, 2015 they will raffle out over $1000 in extra cash prizes among all pattern winners in this online bingo contest.

1: $250 cash
2: $175 cash
3: $150 cash
4: $125 cash
5: $100 cash
6: $75 cash
7: $50 cash
8: $50 cash
9: $50 cash
10: $50 cash

Get a head start! Pre-buys are available now! Ready, set, go to the Canadian Dollar Bingo Snowflake Contest!


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