80 Ball Bingo Explained

80 Ball Bingo80 ball bingo is a new bingo game variation for the more adventurous online bingo players. It is called 80 ball bingo because there are a total of 80 bingo balls having 80 different numbers. This game started out in the UK and is gradually gaining popularity at online bingo halls around the world. The bingo card is laid out in a 4 x 4 pattern so there are a total of 16 different numbers on the cards. In this game the cards are called boards and the game is sometimes called shutter boards because you mark their numbers off by closing the slides to cover them. Each column is a different color (red, yellow, blue and silver) to make finding the right number a little easier.

Each column on the bingo board has 20 different numbers. So in the first column is 1 to 20, the second column is 21 to 40 and so on. Similar to 75 ball bingo there are different patterns available. The most common patterns are the ‘Center Square’, ‘Four Corners’, ‘Big X’, ‘Vertical Lines’, ‘Horizontal Lines’, ‘Diagonal Lines’ and ’80 Full Card’. The names refer to the pattern required to win a specific game so 80 Full Card would be the same as 75 Ball Bingo Blackout or Full House in 90 Ball Bingo. As with other online bingo games full board win bring the best prizes so look out for these games.

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The game of 80 ball bingo is played just like any other bingo game. The numbers are called one by one and if you have a called number on your board than the shutter will close. Once you have closed all the shutters in the correct pattern than you win. 80 ball bingo online is not yet available at all online bingo sites, but if you want to give it a try than check our online bingo reviews and find a bingo site that is offering this bingo game variation.

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80 ball bingo is a new bingo game variation for the more adventurous online bingo players. We hope that after you have read this story to you will have learned all about 80 Ball Bingo in Detail.