90 Ball Bingo Explained

90 Ball Bingo90 ball bingo is the most common kind of bingo in the UK and Australia. It is called 90 ball bingo because there are a total of 90 bingo balls having 90 different numbers. The bingo card is laid out in 3 rows by 9 columns and there is no free space. This game is fast a furious and certainly lots of fun. It is a distant cousin of 75 ball bingo and is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. Almost every new online bingo hall that pops up these days will offer 90 ball bingo games.

As there are 3 rows and 9 columns you may think there would be 27 spaces on the ticket. (In 90 ball bingo, bingo cards are referred to as bingo tickets). Each row only contains 5 numbers so there are 4 empty spaces. Each column from 1 to 9 has 10 different numbers. So they are arranged in column 1 (1-10), column 2 (11-20) and so on. This makes it much easier to quickly and conveniently find the selected numbers.

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Online 90 ball bingo is normally played in three stages; one line, which is filling in, or crossing out all the numbered spaces in any of the 3 rows. Two lines, which is filling in all the numbered spaces in any 2 of 3 rows. The third stage is a full house which is filling every numbered space on the bingo ticket. The prize amount is different for each stage of the game. The Full House will be the largest prize in any one game and the prizes will be shared equally among the winners if there is more than one.

Whereas in 75 ball bingo it is common to purchase single bingo cards, in 90 ball bingo it is most common to purchase a strip of tickets. A strip of tickets consists of six individual tickets together in a strip. Within the six tickets all of the possible 90 different numbers are contained.

Generally there will be a countdown before each new bingo online game begins. The numbers are announced one by one and you can either check them off your ticket manually or enable auto-daub and site back and watch the game. Most online bingo sites will also show you how many players in the game, the current ball and the last 5 balls as well as the winners jackpots. As soon as a player completes a winning pattern, the game will pause for a few moments as you and all the other players are shown a message detailing who won and how much.

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In 90 ball bingo you can play variable prizes, fixed prizes and progressive jackpots. In variable prize games the amount of the prizes depends on the number of players in the game and the number of cards sold. In fixed prize games the amount of the prize is fixed irregardless of the number of players. In progressive jackpot games to win bingo players must get a coverall within a set number of calls. This is normally very difficult, but that is where the big money is. Once the set number of calls has passed, if no one has won the jackpot, than the game will continue on with the jackpot decreasing until the regular pot remains.

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