The Seasonal Bingo Sale is on Now at Bingo Spirit

Seasonal Bingo SaleAs the New Year kicks off, get ready for some extra fun because Bingo Spirit is bringing you their Seasonal Bingo Sale! That’s right, ALL of their bingo games and cards are going to be available at discounted prices in their very own January Sale! But this is just on Wednesdays so get ready.

So, every Wednesday in the Seasonal Room, Bingo Spirit is going to be running a 50% off sale on cards. There are several games available for this event too, so get ready for the fun. Better yet, you can join in whenever you like as it runs all day long from 6:01AM CET to 5:59AM CET.

There is an Exclusive Seasonal Bingo Sale Room

The games that are played in this cycle include Starting €21.50 Cycle with cards at just €.15 each. BingoSpirit is also doing a €4,300 Coverall Min €21.50, and which will also be available at €.15 per card. However, since the cards are discounted, there is no card promotion offer available to you.

With such a sale, how can you resist? And you shouldn’t. Enjoy the New Year and all it brings when you get playing bingo with Bingo Spirit this January. Come and join in the Seasonal room for a lot of fun and the chance to enjoy some thrilling wins too.

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The Bingo Academy Tourney is Open at Bingo Spirit

Bingo Academy TourneyIn September, Bingo Spirit is offering you the chance to score some whopping prizes in our exciting Bingo Academy Tourney. This event is taking place every weekend from Friday to Sunday, so get ready for a lot of fun. Make sure that you head to the Seasonal Room to get in on all the action.

Win $1,500 cash in the Bingo Academy Tourney

As Bingo Spirit is kicking off in the Fall, what better theme to have than a back-to-school one. This tourney will feature a school theme with all the bingo patterns following this. This event will also take place once each hour as the Top of the Hour game, so make sure you’re ready.


Ranking / Prizes / Balance
1st Place – $1,500.00 – Cash
2nd Place – $1,000.00 – Free Play Bonus
3rd Place – $500.00 – Free Play Bonus
4th Place – $250.00 – Free Play Bonus
5th Place – $125.00 – Free Play Bonus
6th – 10th Place – $75.00 – Free Play Bonus
11th – 20th Place – $40.00 – Free Play Bonus
21th – 30th Place – $20.00 – Free Play Bonus
31th – 50th Place – $10.00 – Free Play Bonus

The Bingo Academy Tourney will feature Multi-Part Guaranteed games $15/$30/$45. For each event, the first part will play on a small pattern as Tourney 4 corners. The second part of the game will be on school-themed patterns. Finally, the third part will play on a coverall pattern. For all cards, the price is set at $0.35 per card. However, to give you a massive helping hand, we’re running a promo offer of buy 7 and get 3 cards free. So, make the most of it and get your bingo cards now.

Not only will you get to win prizes if you’re successful in each game, but there’s also a prize pool too. The top 50 players will get a piece of the pool with the winner grabbing a whopping $1,500 in cash. Runner-up prizes will be awarded as free play bingo bonuses!

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