Bingo Australia Now Offers Guaranteed Winnable Progressives

Guaranteed Winnable ProgressivesBingo Australia have Guaranteed Winnable Progressives and there are more to come this month! While other bingo sites offer impossible PJPs to win, the jackpots at Bingo Australia are 100% Winnable! Every one of their bingo PJPs played has already been won.

Play Guaranteed Winnable Progressives at Bingo Australia

As of this month they will have THREE NEW ROOMS with THREE NEW PJPs!

Winnable PJPs 10c/card Min $2000 ALL DAY LONG!
Winnable PJPs 50c/card Min $3000 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Winnable PJPs $1/card Min $5000 7:00PM – 10:00PM

Come check them out and start winning now!

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Play Online Bingo and Pokies at Bingo Australia

There is now a brand new site design to go with the brand new bingo bonus offer. If you are looking for a great bingo site built for Australians than look no further than Bingo Australia.

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