Bingo Hall How to Bingo

How to BingoThis week the bingo promotion theme at Bingo Hall is How to Bingo. Another week, another great chance for you to boost your account with some great promos! Here’s this week’s picks roomies, play hard and enjoy the spoils!

Now You can learn how to bingo at bingo hall and Win Big

What’s your strategy? Do you go all in and buy a lot of cards or do you make your strategy by purchasing a selected few? This week, let the Bingo Hall Dollar room guide you on the path of mastering this game!

Every minimum deposit made between July 20th and July 22nd will grant you a chance to pick your favorite bingo number. Send it to promotions @ no later than July 22nd, 11:59 PM EST, and all you have to do from now on is bingo on it in our Dollar room between July 23rd and July 25th!

All those who can collect their favorite bingo number between the specified timeframe will unlock the free BINGO 101 room, that will open on July 26th, from 10 PM until 11 PM EST, featuring fixed prizes of $100!

Those who won’t win any game in this room, will receive a consolation prize of $25 bonus! Ready for some bingo-learning? Sign up at Bingo Hall now.

Play Now or get more details by reading our review of Bingo Hall.

Bingo Hall, A Decade of Fun Bingo

For 2012 is your top bingo destination. If you are looking for a very reputable bingo site that has been around for a very long time than we suggest that you take a close look at Bingo Hall.

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