Canadian Dollar Bingo All Weather Horse Racing

Horse Racing BingoPlay everyday at Canadian Dollar Bingo in the awesome Bingo Chat Specials. Join in the latest promotions all weather horse racing bingo! You may have played a lot of chat games, but this game will get your blood pumping and your heart racing, every day Mon- Fri at 12:00pm coverall games at the City room. Don’t forget your hats ladies.

All Weather Horse Racing Bingo Now at Canadian Dollar

Choose a super star horse form the banker list below. Each horse name corresponds to a B row number.

1 – Show me the money.
2 – Sweet apple pie.
3 – Black Magic.
4 – GiveMeMoreMoney.
5 – Lucky #7.
6 – LookBehindYou.
7 – Unnstoppable.
8 – Wooo Hoo!
9 – Zorro.
10 – One way ticket.
11 – Zippidee Doo Dah.
12 – Exterminator
13 – Flash!
14 – Horsing Around.
15 – Money bags.

The bingo board on your game screen will be the track. Your horse needs to make it across the board. For example; if your horse is Show me the money, when the numbers 1-16-31-46-61 are called, you made it to the finish line, you will be awarded with a $5 or $25 bbs prize and receive points from Canadian Dollar Bingo.

• 1st Horse 5 points
• 2nd Horse 3points
• 3rd Horse 1 point.

But that’s not all, the top 5 players with most points at end of the week will win the following bonuses:

• 1st place 75 BBS.
• 2nd place 50 BBS.
• 3rd place 25 BBS.

Good luck and may the best horse win.

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