Canadian Dollar Bingo Lucky Charms

Bingo Lucky CharmsThe next great promotion on offer at Canadian Dollar Bingo is Bingo Lucky Charms. We all have our own way of summoning luck before turning on the computer to play bingo. Whatever yours is, this week you might not need it because Lady Luck will be all over the City room shining on every game you play!

This Week Play Bingo Lucky Charms at Canadian Dollar Bingo

From August 13th to August 19th create your own luck by playing Canadian Dollar Bingo lucky charm patterns that will be available every day from 8pm to 11pm. Each of the patterns carries a $100 prize and there will be FOUR patterns playing each hour! Between all the pattern winners during this week long promotion we will raffle the following prizes:

• 1st Place: $150 CASH
• 2nd Place: $100 CASH
• 3rd Place: $75 CASH
• 4th Place: $50 CASH
• 5th Place: $25 CASH

But that is not all they have in store for you! Everyday of the week you could be playing for FREE as you can earn your LAST deposit back! Simply play the Canadian Dollar Bingo special patterns every day, at the end of the day Lady Luck will pick one fortunate winner who gets his or hers last deposit back!

So grab your dauber and your lucky charm and head over to the City Room today! Remember, luck is 90% preparation so be sure that you are in the right spot at the right time, take advantage of the pre buys!

Play Now or read our Canadian Dollar Bingoreview.

Canadian Dollar Bingo is Canada’s Bingo Game

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