Go Hiking for Great Jackpots at Bingo Australia

Great Bingo JackpotsSpring delivers an action-packed show on Kangaroo Island and Bingo Australia wants to take you there in search of Great Bingo Jackpots! Tackle the five-hour Main Room virtual hike this weekend in company of your bingo mates from 6pm to 11pm and enjoy the cool weather while winning great $50, $75 and $100 fixed CASH jackpots with card prices ranging from 20c-35c.

Go Hiking for Great Bingo Jackpots at Bingo Australia

During your hike watch out for WADER BIRDS from Siberia, KANGAROO JOEYS fresh from their mother’s pouch, get up close to NESTING GEESE and follow the PLATYPUS WATERHOLES walk to rocky river, because every time you bingo on one of these special patterns, you’ll be automatically entered in the $500 raffle at the end of the hike. Five lucky hikers will receive one the following rewards:

Reward #1: $150bbs
Reward #2: $125bbs
Reward #3: $100bbs
Reward #4: $75bbs
Reward #5: $50bbs

See you all at the Bingo Australia main room trail, for a great weekend of fun, HUGE JACKPOTS, and site-seeing…

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