Join the Royal Cruise Raffle on this week at Bingo Hall

Royal Cruise RaffleAll your playing this month will be royally rewarded! Spin the reels of the games below and increase your chances to win the Royal Cruise Raffle worth $3000! How? Every $50 you wager on these games will get you one ticket in the Bingo Hall Royal Cruise Raffle and, by July 19th, you can take home one of the 4 prizes!

Don’t Miss the Royal Cruise Raffle

Choose your game from these awesome choices:

Viking & Striking
Bingo Slot
Redbeard & Co.
Shia Safavids
Treasures of Pharaohs
Lady of the Moon

The prizes are as follows:

1x $3000
1x $1500
2x $750

The Bingo Hall Raffle takes place between the 21st of June and 19th of July.

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