Pumpkin Pie at 123 Bingo Online

Pumpkin Pie Bingo GamesNovember kicks off the season of the famous pumpkin pie bingo, and what would go better with that pie than some Cold Hard cash. What you need to do is play bingo at 123 Bingo Online.

Watch for the PIE pattern to play with a guaranteed prize of $50 at 123 Bingo Online. Bingo on the PIE pattern and earn ONE pie to your bakery. Players with the most pies in their bakery at the end of the month will win some Cold Hard Cash.

Win some Cold Cash with Pumpkin Pie Bingo at 123Bingo

Whenever you bingo on the PIE pattern, record the game ID’s and turn in to Live Help in order to get your current number of PIES. At the end of the month, the player with the Most PIE Collected, second through fourth place also pays.

The first place winner will get $300. The second place winner will get $200. The third place winner will get $150. The fourth place winner will get $100.

The Pumpkin Pie games are play randomly everyday in Green (Quarters) Room. And the card price is only 25¢.

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