Those Meddling Kids at Bingo Hall

kids bingoMake deposits and play online games bingo at Bingo Hall this week, you could have the chance to win the amazing bingo prizes with up to $2,000 in bonuses with those meddling kids bingo.

This Week those Meddling Kids Bingo is waiting for you

Jinkies, the gang is on to something big. Someone kidnapped Gilda and it’s up to you to catch the bad guy and receive an amazing reward from the old hag herself. Be the best detective to solve the mystery in the Dollar room at Bingo Hall, between October 28th and November 2nd. A new adventure awaits, and there are a couple of steps that help you solve the mystery of the week.

Deposit $50 between October 28th and October 30th. This small fee will buy you enough fuel to advance through the quest in the Bingo Mystery Machine.

Play as much as you can in our Hollywood Reels slots games between October 31st and November 1st and you will get 1 point for every bonus round won. The Hollywood Reels Cinema is the place to start searching for clues that will get you closer to finding Gilda’s kidnapper.

Between November 2nd and November 3rd, search for the Spyglass pattern that will play once per hour. The more special patterns you win, the better your chances are at solving the mystery. Every Spyglass pattern won will count as 2 points, and the novelty is that the maximum number of cards will be raised to 24,and you’ll receive 3 cards for Free, for every 6 cards you buy.

Win as many points as you can and fight your way through Gilda’s release and you’ll be rewarded. The 1st place winner will get $2,000 bonus, the 2nd place winner will get $1,000 bonus, the 3rd place winner will get $500 bonus, the 4th place winner will get $250 bonus.

You will find a special map at the Bingo Hall promotions page that was found in Gilda’s room. Use it wisely in order to be the first who solves the mystery and win the highest prize.

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