123 Bingo Online Jelly Beans Factory

Online bingo factoryThe 123 Bingo Online Green Room is all juiced up with juicy jelly beans coated with sweet and colorful bonuses in the bingo factory! That’s right! This April, all the bingo balls symbolize the colorful and juicy jelly beans.

Visit the Jelly Beans Bingo Factory at 123 Bingo Online

So, pick up your favorite jelly bean flavor from the 5 different flavors (5 bingo ball colors) including, Blueberry Blue, Strawberry Red, Vanilla White, Kiwi Green and Mango Yellow and give it to the chat host before the online bingo game begins. Keep collecting your favorite flavored jelly beans as the bingo balls are draw one by one.

And by the end of the game the players who have collected maximum jelly beans wins 5 BBs each in the Jelly Beans Factory Contest.

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