241 Bingo 2012 Hockey Tourney

Ice Hockey bingo patternsIt is the 241 Bingo $100,000 in Ice Hockey bingo patterns! Play the NHL playoffs patterns here as $100,000 in guaranteed cash could be yours! These patterns hold great jackpots and they will play every evening from 9pm to 11pm (2 per hour) in the 241 Bingo room until the final games and Stanley Cup winner has been decided

You can now play the Ice Hockey Bingo Patterns at 241

Pick your network: Amigo, Canadian or BOTH and start playing their version of the NHL Playoff Patterns this April 19th for your chance to win your share of $100,000 in prizes across the two networks! ($50,000 in prizes will be handed out at each network).

Play the NHL playoffs patterns with us as $100,000 in guaranteed cash couldbe yours! Stanley Cup, Hockey, Speed Skating and letter patterns N,H,L are the patterns you have to bingo on to participate! These patterns will play every evening on both CAD and AMB networks from 9pm to 11pm (2 per hour) until the final games and Stanley Cup winner has been decided.

The starting jackpot amount of these patterns will be $150 and it will increase an additional $25 at the end of each elimination round (there are a total of 3 elimination rounds until the finals) which means for the finals we will have patterns worth $225 each!

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