Health is Wealth at 123 Bingo Online

Online Bingo WealthHealth is bingo wealth… Well, that’s literally and metaphorically correct! Metaphorically because a good health will help you work harder and hence let you mint you more money. And literally because on 123 Bingo Online, every time you workout, you earn jackpots and bonuses.

Bingo Health is Bingo Wealth when you Play at 123 Bingo Online

So, start your workout right now! Bingo on the Head Stand pattern every Friday, Saturday and Sunday to win the rewards worth $735 and more in the 123 Bingo Online Green Room from 6 pm to Midnight (12 am).

Bingo on the Head Stand pattern and win guaranteed pots of worth $75 each. Bingo within 15 calls to win 2 BBs EXTRA and add an extra year to your life! The more years you add, the more BBs you win! So, the player who earns the longest life by the end of the month wins 50 BBs to play online bingo.

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