Music Mantra at 123 Bingo Online

music mantra bingoIt’s time to set the music notes right as it’s time to play the music with music mantra bingo. So, get your music bands ready at 123 Bingo Online.

Create a group of 5 players and name your group after a popular music band at 123 Bingo Online. Every band needs to bingo on the Music Note pattern in order to win grand guaranteed pots of $100 and extra bonuses.

Play Music Mantra Bingo this Week at 123 Bingo Online

The player to bingo on the music patter wins a guaranteed prize along with a chance to list few words from a popular song sung by the band they have named their group after.

Sing the song correctly to win 2 BBs and 5 points. The band to collect 25 Points by the end of each day shares a reward of 50 BBs!

So, it’s time to Rock and Roll because as you rock with your band, you roll ravishing bonuses when you play online bingo.

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