Play Candlelight Delight at South Beach Bingo

Candlelight BingoAs the twilight sets in, the allure of the bingo games will be stronger than ever at South Beach Candlelight Bingo, since out of all the sights and frights of the gloomy nights comes an event for those who place their passion in the night time bingo games. Scare your sleep away by winning a great prize in the Candlelight Delight event, taking place each Monday until Sunday, between 12 AM EST and 6 AM EST. Join the roomies in the Desperate Housewives Room for a classy event that will make your nights much more rewarding. Among the things to enjoy there are:

– Dancing ghostlike games between $60 and $100
– Spooky starting pots of $25
– FREE game of fixed $15
– Super-Secret Coverall ( can be any coverall from any room )
– BOGOF game ( buy one card, get one card free)
– Windy Speed games of fixed $50
– 3 part games with starting pots of $10, $20 and $30

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At the end of each day, South Beach Bingo will take the top 10 players that have won the most games and give them a delightful reward:

1st place – $200 CASH
2nd place – $100 CASH
3rd place – $75 CASH
4th to 10th place – $50 bonus

Be sure to check up on the scoreboard to make sure you’re still in the top ranks.

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South Beach Bingo has Winners Every Game

If you like sun and fun and online bingo than why don’t you give South Beach Bingo online a try?

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