Thanksgiving 25 Bonus at 123 Bingo Online

Thanksgiving 25 Bingo BonusNumber 25 is special this month as November 25th is Thanksgiving. So, Number 25 is being celebrated and the Thanksgiving 25 Bingo Bonus is bearing big rewards on 123 Bingo Online this month.

Pick any two numbers that add up or subtract to get you the total of 25 such as, 10+15=25, 55-30=25, 40-15=25 etc., and give them to the chat host before the game begins. When the numbers chosen by you are called out, shout “Thanksgiving 25” along with your numbers to the chat host and get your Thanksgiving Bonus worth 25 BBs.

Grab Your Thanksgiving 25 Bingo Bonus at 123 Bingo

Thanksgiving 25 Bonus is playing on Tuesday and Friday from 9 PM to 11 PM in Green (Quarters) Room. You don’t want to miss playing bingo online for the Thanksgiving 25 Bonus.

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